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Your guide to creating a free New York Times account.

Access The New York Times
Login with your Embry-Riddle email address and the password you created.

Description is a multiplatform full-text news resource that provides unlimited access to New York Times content, including breaking news, multimedia, opinion, blogs, videos and more.

Historical Coverage institutional subscriptions provide full access to New York Times articles published between 1851 through 1922, and between 1981 through current day. Access to the years 1923-1980 is limited for institutional subscribers.

Need Help?

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Joanne Evanoff
Hazy Library, Room 225

Set up your account

New York Times on multiple devices

Setting up your NYT account:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and select it
  3. Select blue "Go" button 
  4. Login in to Prescott Campus - Database Access page with your ERNIE credentials
  5. Choose "Create Account" on the "Welcome to The New York Times" page
  6. Fill out the details page
  7. You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen, which will display the expiration time and date of your pass. Please note, that each “pass” is good for 364 days, and then will need to be renewed.

Already have a registered account?

  • Access it from anywhere at
  • Log into your account.using your ERAU email address and NY Times password.

Renew an Expired Pass

  1. Go to (from anywhere)
  2. Search for Embry-Riddle and select it
  3. Select the blue "Go" button 
  4. Enter your ERNIE credentials into the Prescott Campus - Database login
  5. Use the link to "Already have an account? Log in here»" and login. (see graphic below)


Download your free NYT mobile app at

* Mobile apps are not supported on all devices. Does not include e-reader editions, Times Insider content or digital versions of The New York Times Crossword.



The New York Times Online subscripition offers faculty members additional resources beyond the online subscription including:


The New York Times in Leadership gives teachers, scholars, practitioners and students the opportunity to connect and discuss real-world leadership examples through various platforms, online and offline. Includes site access, case studies, daily aritcles and more.


Engage and inspire your students with access to The New York Times in your classroom and campus events.

in the First Year:

The New York Times in the First Year is designed to support efforts to develop new students’ knowledge, competencies and skills while enhancing engagement outside the classroom.

For access to any of these sites or for more information contact Joanne Evanoff or any librarian.