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Staying Connected: Hazy Library eResources and Services: Online Textbooks


During this time many publishers are providing temporary online access to textbooks and other materials to help instructors address challenges created by moving to online instruction. 

There may also be Open Educational Resources that could fill in some gaps in resources.

Publisher Provided Options

Annual Reviews
Available through April 30, 2020. Published each year for 40 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences including Economics and Financial Economics. Content to the entire platform is temporarily open.


American Psychological Association

VitalSource and RedShelf are working with APA and other publishers to ensure that students continue to have access to a wide range of course content, including over 160 APA book titles and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. These ebooks will be offered free of charge through VitalSource and RedShelf until May 25, 2020


Cambridge University Press

Due to performance issues caused by unprecedented demand and reported misuse, we have had to temporarily suspend the free access to textbooks. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and are working to address these concerns to reinstate free access as soon as possible.

Available through May 2020. Higher education textbooks in HTML format free to access online during the coronavirus outbreak. Over 700 textbooks, published and currently available, on Cambridge Core are available regardless of whether textbooks were previously purchased. Students in the United States will also be able to access free e-book versions of Press textbooks through VitalSource:



Cengage is providing students and instructors with access to Cengage Unlimited which includes our online homework platforms and all of our eBooks at no charge for the rest of the term.

For US colleges experiencing unplanned, mid-semester impacts due to COVID-19, Cengage is offering students free access to all our digital platforms and 14,000 ebooks through Cengage Unlimited, for the remainder of this semester.


JoVE Science Education
Available until June 15. Access to JoVE Science Education video library of videos teaching scientific fundamentals.



Thousands of Open Access ebooks are available from top scholarly publishers, including Brill, Cornell University Press, De Gruyter, and University of California Press.

Early Journal Content, articles on JSTOR published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere, is also freely available on JSTOR



For thirty days 30 days, please enjoy these titles with no cost to you. This list will continue to grow as we connect with our content partners in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates from Kanopy. 



Core digital learning platforms, McGraw-Hill Connect and ALEKS, are available for free to any student and instructor who needs it for the remainder of this Spring 2020 term.


MIT Press

MIT Press is offering free access to 2,770 eBooks through the end of May 2020 to support faculty and students who are working and learning remotely.


Ohio State University Press, The Knowledge Bank
All Ohio State University Press monographs, and the linguistics textbook language files, will be open and free to use through the Ohio State University Libraries’ Institutional Repository, The Knowledge Bank.


Project Muse

Among the publishers currently opting to make content free on Project MUSE are Johns Hopkins University Press (all books and journals), Ohio State University Press (all books and journals), University of Nebraska Press (all books and journals), University of North Carolina Press (all books), Temple University Press (all books), and Vanderbilt University Press (selected books). We expect to announce additional participants and will continually update the list of publishers offering free access to content at


Available through mid-June. Libraries impacted by COVID-19 will get unlimited access to all owned titles from certain publishers. All licenses – including single-user and three-user models – will automatically convert to unlimited access. The unlimited access also applies to additional titles purchased through mid-June. Participating Publishers.

Routeledge/Taylor & Francis

We are offering students free access to our eBook content through the remainder of the spring 2020 semester via our partners, VitalSource, Kortext, and Red Shelf.

To access and begin using your books, please choose your preferred eBook provider by following the links below:


ScienceDirect Textbooks
Available through mid June. 
The 256 textbooks currently on ScienceDirect will be automatically entitled to all active ScienceDirect customers for a period of 90 days. Title List.


University of Michigan Press

Available until the end of April. University of Michigan Press will make all content in the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) free-to-read for the remainder of the academic term.


Wiley Textbooks

As a growing number of schools are being affected by COVID-19, Wiley is aiming to ensure instructors who need to teach remotely have the necessary tools to help their students. Beginning today, instructors without an adopted online learning solution, such as WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta or zyBooks, can receive free access for their students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term. Instructors teaching at impacted institutions can request access to WileyPLUS or Knewton Alta here; instructors looking for zyBooks access can apply here. For current WileyPLUS and Knewton Alta instructors, Customer Success Specialists are equipped to provide additional support, including extension of due dates, adjusting assignments or increasing the capacity to work remotely. Wiley is also partnering with organizations, like VitalSource and RedShelf, to offer free etexts to students whose classes have moved online.

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