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Graduate Student Resources: Presenting and Publishing

Join Professional Organizations

Professional organizations often have great discounted membership and conference rates for students and are the perfect way to grow your understanding of current research and issues in your field, network and look for opportunities! Most organizations publish their own specific trade journals included with membership.  

Why Join?

  • Access to joblists
  • Networking opportunities
  • Find a mentor
  • Keep up to date on current research
  • Get info on conference, paper submission, and volunteer opportunities

Attend Conferences and Present

     Photo provided by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

In addition to joining professional organizations in your field of study, make sure you put professional conferences on your calendar! Attending and presenting your research can help you:

  • Build your professional network of future colleagues and employers
  • Get feedback on your research
  • Practice your presentation skills

You may also consider volunteering at a conference, which is another great way to expand your professional network and sometimes comes with additional perks like free conference attendance or lodging! 

Start Publishing!

You are going to be producing a lot of work in the form of papers, presentations, and more throughout your academic career at Embry-Riddle. Put that work to good use and considering publishing to share your works with others your field!                    

Check out the links below for a good overview of how and where to get started with publishing:

Just like the professional organizations and conferences, publishing advice will vary by your field of study.

Look Up Journal Rankings

Make sure you are publishing somewhere credible! Journals are ranked according to many factors, the main ranking is often referred to as the Journal Impact Factor (JIF). The higher a journal's impact factor, the more frequently articles in that journal are cited by other articles. Impact factors for journals vary markedly across disciplines, so it's a good idea to ask your professors and thesis committee what are the highly regarded journals in your field of studyThere are other rankings as well depending on where you look, like CiteScore or h-index.

                                                             Image from Web of Science

Check journal rankings in the following places: 

Get Your Work Seen in Scholarly Commons, ERAU's Institutional Repository

Scholarly Commons is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's open-access digital repository of the intellectual output of the faculty, students and staff of ERAU. It facilitates global discovery of and access to ERAU’s research, intellectual, and creative output while providing a unified, stable, long-term home for this digital scholarship. In addition to providing access to individual contributions, Scholarly Commons publishes and hosts journals, conferences, and other events. (Source: About ERAU's Institutional Repository

Where to Find Images

Copyright is very important!  When using images from the web, it's vital to make sure you aren't violating copyright law.  The easiest way to do that is to use images that are either labeled with a Creative Commons license or available in the public domain.  Always follow citation and attribution requirements for the image according to the license.  See our Copyright Libguide for more information on this topic.