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Aerospace Engineering Resources: Databases & NASA/Space Websites

A guide to resources for aeronautical engineering students @ ERAU-Prescott. Includes books, periodicals, handbooks & article databases.

Difference between EagleSearch and Databases

EagleSearch is our one-stop shop for articles and books (in all formats).  However, because it casts such a wide net, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down to what you need.

Using the individual databases can give you some advantages:

  • Much more focused results.
  • Can include subject terminology that will allow you to focus your search very specifically.
  • Setting up research profiles to automatically receive updates to saved searches.


NASA/Space Websites

Goddard Space Flight Center – Space Physics Data Facility

Stardust- NASA’ Sample Comet Return Mission

Kennedy Space Center

Johnson Space Center/NASA Space Shuttle

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

NASA Project Galileo

Armstrong Flight Research Center

Design News

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)