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Faculty Resources & Services: Library Instruction

Hazy Library Resources and Services for Faculty

Information Literacy Instruction Program:

We support the curriculum with instruction that focuses on and is tailored to specific curriculum needs.  We support the ability of the ERAU community to find, evaluate and use information.  We promote lifelong information literacy.

1. To design instruction tailored to the skills and abilities of library users.
2. To teach students to locate, evaluate and use appropriate electronic and print resources.
3. To collaborate with faculty to design and incorporate library-related assignments in their curriculum.
4. To advance the information literacy of users as they apply critical thinking skills and become independent researchers.




  Library Quicklinks

What will students discover through library instruction?

Partner with a Librarian!

Through customized library instruction, students may learn:

  • The research process
  • How to pick and narrow a topic 
  • Advanced search skills
  • Why databases are important and how to access them           
  • The difference between scholarly journals and magazines
  • How to search the library catalog to locate books and other information
  • Better internet searching skills and evaluation of websites
  • How to cite sources using MLA and APA
  • To use critical thinking skills when finding and evaluating information

Student Learning Outcomes

The goal of the library instruction session includes the following outcomes; students will be introduced to each of the concepts. Based on collaboration with faculty, librarians may delve deeper into one or more of the QEP SLOs below.

  • Determine the nature and extent of the information needed
  • Access and use information ethically and legally (citations)
  • Critically evaluates information and its sources
  • Understands that information gathering is an ongoing process of discovery and an important aspect of lifelong learning