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Forensic Accounting: Fraudster List

Useful Databases


·         Sam Antar-Crazy Eddies

·         Eddie Antar-Crazy Eddies

·         Barry Minkow-ZZZZ Best

·         Raj Rajaratnam-Galleon Group

·         Gary Foster-Citigroup

·         Lou Pearlman-Boy-band manager, committed fraud against several large banks 

·         Ken Lay-Enron

·         Jeffrey Skilling-Enron

·         Bernie Madoff

·         Bernie Ebbers-World Com

·         Martin Frankel-insurance fraud, racketeering, money laundering, etc.

·         Andy Fastow-Enron

·         Walter Pavlo Jr.-MCI‚Äč

·         Joyti De-Laurey-British secretary, largest fraud in British history

·         Richard Scrushy-Health South

·         John Rigas-Adelphia

·         Dennis Kozlowski-Tyco

·         Charles Ponzi-original ponzi scheme

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