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Zotero: Creating Bibliographies

Zotero is a free bibliographic manager that can help you organize your research as well as cite it.

Citation Styles

Zotero comes with a number of citation styles already installed, like APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.  But, there are many more available that you can download and install.

  1. Go to the Zotero Style Repository page
  2. Search for the style you need, like IEEE
  3. Download the style (right-click the Install link and choose Save As)
  4. Open Zotero preferences in the desktop version.
    1. Click Cite
    2. Click Styles
    3. Click the "+" button and select the style your downloaded (a .CSL file)

The new style will now appear in Zotero's style lists.

Citation preferences

While You Write

Zotero also offers plug-ins for Word, Open Office, and Libre Office.  These plugins add a Zotero toolbar to your word processor that allows you to add citations while you write.

zotero plugin for word

To add an in-text citation:

  1. Click "Add/Edit Citation"
  2. Search for the reference you want, and press Enter
  3. Zotero will add the citation at your cursor.

To create the bibliography:

  1. Click the "Add/Edit Bibliography" button
  2. Zotero will create the bibliography based upon what you have added to your paper.
  3. New citations will be added automatically.

You can change the bibliographic style by using the "Document Preferences" in the toolbar.

Creating Bibliography

It's easy to create a bibliography using your Zotero library.

  1. Select the references or collections that you want to include.  Hold the Ctrl key and click to select multiple items. 
  2. Right-click one of the selected items and choose "Create Bibliography."
  3. Choose the style you want
  4. Select Copy to Clipboard
  5. Click OK
  6. Paste into your word processor

Creating a bibliographySelect style