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Be a responsible consumer of information. Before reading any news articles, web pages, social media posts, etc.:

  • CHECK DATE AND TIME OF PUBLICATION or "last updated" info. Information is changing rapidly, and not all news and media outlets are removing or updating older posts when adding new content.
  • CHECK THE SOURCE AND CONTENT. Where is the information coming from? Is it the most up-to-date information? Is it providing facts or opinion? Is it providing advice that might be better provided by an authoritative expert? Can you trace it back to the original source? What is the original source? A sample resource for fact checking information:
  • BREATHE. If checking your email or newsfeed was automatic before, it may become obsessive now, considering the increased frequency of updates. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay informed, but know when you need a digital break to curb stress, anxiety, and worry. Pace yourself, and pay attention to your well-being. 

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Search "coronavirus" on to review introduced, under review, and passed legislation relating to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The below acts are currently signed into law.


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