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Home and Wellness Resources: Global and Community Support


It can be challenging to feel helpful and responsible by staying home while communities are in turmoil. While these resources do not focus exclusively on how to help communities during a pandemic, they may provide opportunities and outlets for those wishing to feel in control of their world and to take action to support causes and communities from their homes. 

Community Support

  • Practice social distancing. Make a concerted effort to limit your time around people. By staying in, you not only promote physical health by limiting the potential for community spread of the virus, but you can also boost your financial health by spending less money.
  • On the flip side, some may be worrying more about the financial health of local businesses than themselves. Consider buying gift cards for places like restaurants and retail that may see reduced hours or closures during this time. This way they receive some support now, and you can greet them again in the future.
    • Restaurants may be offering expanded take-out and delivery services while dining rooms are closed. Keep these options in mind, too.
  • Consider writing letters to nursing home residents, who may see and hear from fewer visitors now.
  • Check in with your neighbors, especially the elderly and anyone who lives alone. Text, call, or write them a note. How are they doing? Do they need any groceries, household items, or a helping hand? This is a stressful time, and not everyone has a support system to comfort them. Sometimes just the offer is all someone needs.

Global and National Service Projects