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Faculty Resources & Services: Article Not Available in Full Text?

Hazy Library Resources and Services for Faculty

Full Text Not Available?

When searching databases, many articles can be found as full text.  However, in your searching, you may come across a reference to an article, but the full text is not available.  In this case, you have some options to obtain the article.

Step 1: Is the title available digitally, in a database?  

Use the FIND a JOURNAL tab on Hazy Library homepage: Search a known title or use a keyword (i.e. Journal of Communications). If the title is available full-text in a library database, the search results list the databases where it is located and the years for availability. Click on the database link to open the database and search within the title. You may be asked to log in, using your ERAU credentials. 

If your search does not produce results, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Is the print title available in the library?

View a list of our print journals and Newspapers: View our Periodicals List to determine if the Library has a title in print. Titles are listed alphabetically and will list our holdings (years/issues we own). If the Library owns the title and issue you need, congratulations, you're done! Proceed to the Periodicals Area in the library to locate the title.

Step 3: "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

Ordinarily, we don't quote U2 on Library pages, but if steps 1 and 2 have failed, check the Library Catalog to determine if a title is available in another Yavapai County Library. If it is, you're welcome to visit this library to view the print journal or newspaper. IMPORTANT! Before you leave please, please, please, read Step 4.

Step 4: Can't seem to find the journal or newspaper I need. Or, I found my title in Step 3, but I'm going to read Step 4 as instructed.

Have your searches left you high and dry?  Have you heard of Interlibrary Loan? If you're looking for an article from a journal or newspaper and haven't found it in print or in a database, then simply submit an Interlibrary Loan Article Request. Our staff will obtain the article for you via ILL. ILL works for books, too.