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Literature Review: Understanding a Literature Review

Understanding a literature review, Criteria for writing a Literature Review, Sources, Development of Literature Review

What is a literature review?

The literature review is a survey of information found in scholarly articles, books, and other sources directly related to a field of study. The goal of a literature review is to find, describe, summarize, evaluate and clarify prior research already published about your topic. A good literature review goes beyond summing up the research of others: it explores the literature for key concepts and determines what has already been investigated. In essence, a literature review identifies, defines and measures key concepts related to research already completed in the field of study.

A literature review:

  • describes, summarizes, evaluates, clarifies and integrates information on your project 
  • places your project into the context of established work 
  • surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources relevant to your area of research
  • provides a description, summary, and critical evaluation of significant works 

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