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Database Help: Leadership Channel / 50 Lessons


The Leadership Development Channel is a collection of "QuickTalks" that vary in length from 2 - 60 minutes from some of the world's best-selling business authors, experts, and executives.

"QuickTalks" provide a variety of insight from real world perspectives and concise, just-in-time, application-based learning.

50Lessons provides access to a collection of over 1,200 interview presentations, which are crafted around a real-life experience told by some of the world's most respected business leaders.

Database Access

Good to Know

  • A current version of Adobe Flash Player is required to use this database.
  • To play a video, click on a title, and then under "Play Option" click on the "Video" link.

Search Tips

  • Use an asterisk (*) at the end of the root of a word to find all variants: vision* will find vision, visionary, visioning, etc.
  • Enclose terms in quotation marks to search for exact phrases: "leadership challenge".
  • To browse, select a database (50Lessons Topics or Leadership Channel Topics) under "Browse Topics" and then select a category.

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