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COM 219 Speech: Find Different Viewpoints

Research help for students in COM219.


EAGLEsearch is a powerful research tool that compiles results from many of the library's databases in one big search! You can easily narrow down using filters for things like date of publication, type of information (like scholarly journals), and more. Everything you need is in one search bar, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the "Google" of library searches. Use the search bar below or the EAGLEsearch tab from our homepage.


Polling, Opinion and Statistics

Viewpoint Databases for Current Societal Issues

These databases contain analysis, viewpoints, timelines, news, infographics, and even pro/con debates on current and frequently discussed issues affecting our society today.  They are great for understanding the complexities of current issues from unbiased professionally fact checked resources.  Great for learning more about a topic or for preparing a persuasive or informative speech or a debate on an issue.