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Streaming Videos: Kanopy

Information on Kanopy Streaming Video Service.

Kanopy Access Changes

Due to Covid-19, mediated access to Kanopy is temporarily suspended.

Kanopy is a video streaming service available on the ERAU Prescott Campus. Beginning January 1, 2020, the Hazy Library has gone from unlimited access of Kanopy videos to mediated access. The change in access is due to the overwhelming popularity of videos and the their high cost ($150/per video).

About Mediated Access
When accessing a video, you will see a notification that the video is not live and that you may request access to the video. Fill out and submit the request form on the video page. The form is submitted to library staff for vetting. Priority for purchases is given to faculty that will use the video for course support.

Request Process
The requestor will receive notification within 2 business days if the video purchase request was approved or denied. Approved video requests will include an estimate of video availability and a second notification when it becomes available. Once purchased, the video allows for unlimited access for one year.   

If a video request is denied, we will provide you with an explanation why. If a video is available in another subscription resource, we will provide you this access information..  

Kanopy Access

Kanopy for Your Class

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Kanopy Support

Kanopy has FAQ's available to assist you.

Leased Kanopy Titles

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