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COM 221 Technical Report Writing: Find Research

Technical Writing


EAGLEsearch is a powerful research tool that compiles results from many of the library's databases in one big search! You can easily narrow down using filters for things like date of publication, type of information (like scholarly journals), and more. Everything you need is in one search bar, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the "Google" of library searches. Use the search bar below or the EAGLEsearch tab from our homepage.


Choosing a Database

If you are finding too many results or not relevant search results in EAGLEsearch, another strategy is to choose an individual database.  Which one you choose will vary depending on your topic.  Individual databases are listed in Databases A to Z alphabetically, along with a description of what the database includes.  Some cover many subjects and disciplines like ProQuest Central, while some are very specific in topic, like  AIAA Aerospace Research Central.

We have approximately 100 different databases and resources available!

Don't Forget about Books!

We have so many books and eBooks available!  Books are great comprehensive resources on a topic and eBooks have built-in tools like "search within this book" to save you time finding what you need. 

We are part of the Yavapai Library Network (YLN) which gives you access to all the materials for every library within Yavapai County!

Use the search boxes and links below to explore our collections.

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