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What is ASASA?

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The Aviation Safety and Security Archives is a repository for unique or rare materials relevant to our subject specialty. Several collections relating to aviation safety and security can be found and searched here. Although our collections don't circulate like library books, we do welcome researchers to use them both on site and on-line.

Our Digital Library contains digital documents, including thousands of photographs, letters, reports, and other documents, most of which offer full text.

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Melissa Gottwald
Archives/Special Collections Librarian

Melissa is responsible for managing the Aviation Safety and Security Archives, a growing repository of unique materials. We hope to digitize a great deal of information contained in the archive, and make it available online. In the future, look for an information portal to serve the needs of students, researchers and industry in the fields of Aviation Safety and Aviation Security.
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ASASA Collections

C. O. Miller Papers (MS-001)
C. O. (Charles Otto) Miller was a teacher, consultant, and engineer who worked in aviation system safety. He was a member of the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame and a founding member of the Embry-Riddle CASE Advisory Council. The Miller Papers contain biographical material; Miller's publications and presentations; teaching files; files on various organizations (including Miller's correspondence with the organizations); and his "accident prevention files"--a large set of subject files on aerospace safety and operations. (67.26 linear feet)
Miller Finding Aid (MS Word)
Miller Finding Aid (PDF)
Outline and subject index for Miller's Accident Prevention Files (PDF)

David Haddon Holladay Papers (MS-002)
David Holladay was an aviation safety consultant and accident investigator. After retiring from the Air Force, he became head of the safety curriculum in the aerospace department at the University of Southern California. The Holladay Papers contain accident investigation case files; reference and research files; display boards used in testimony on aircraft accidents; manuals for various aircraft; and other binders of reference material (FAA publications, etc.). (512.9 linear feet)
List of Holladay's manuals and binders (MS Word)

David S. Hall Papers (MS-003)
David Hall has held various positions in the aviation profession and is a specialist in mishap prevention and investigation. He has provided service to the legal profession in the area of accident cause determination and accident reconstruction. The Hall Papers consist primarily of files relating to accident investigation. The collection also contains publications and reference material related to aviation safety. (193.72 linear feet)
Finding aid (PDF)
Accident investigation case files in Hall Papers (MS Excel)

Charles Mercer Papers (MS-004)
"Chuck" Mercer had a long career as an employee of the Lockheed Corporation, where he was an engineer and a member of the company's accident investigation team. Following his retirement from Lockheed, he started his own consulting firm, and he has lectured on accident investigation and aviation safety at the University of Southern California. The Mercer Papers contain reports by Mercer and others; some of Mercer's school papers in engineering; technical papers, manuals, and other materials from his work at Lockheed; ICAO manuals from the 1970s; and assorted publications related to aviation and safety. (16.87 linear feet)
Mercer Finding Aid (MS Word)
Mercer Finding Aid (PDF)

William D. Waldock Papers (MS-005)
Waldock is a professor in the safety science program at ERAU-Prescott, and has conducted numerous accident investigations. The Waldock Papers contain photographs of aviation safety scientists, a CD containing an NTSB docket, DVD copy of television program on a DC-10 accident near Paris, and a paper on accident investigation (not by written by Waldock). (1.17 linear feet)

S. Harry Robertson Papers (MS-006)
Dr. Robertson's research has been instrumental in saving lives. In 1976 he founded Robertson Aviation in Tempe, Arizona, to develop crashworthy auxiliary fuel systems, initially for U.S. Army and USAF special operations helicopters. These are now available for extending the range of all military helicopters. Robertson is an experimental test pilot, member of the OX 5 Aviation Pioneers Hall of Fame, Army Aviation Hall of Fame, Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame and the National Guard's Legion de Lafayette. Dr. Robertson served on the Board of Trustees for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and also holds an honorary doctorate from Embry-Riddle. The Robertson Papers contains accident investigation case files (including over 15,000 photographs); technical papers, reports, and reference material; a video library; and books and periodicals. (509.82 linear feet)
Preliminary finding aid (PDF)
Subject index and organization of Robertson's Library Information Files (technical papers, reports, and reference material) (PDF)

Skyrage Foundation Records (MS-007)
The Skyrage Foundation was founded by Michael Sheffer in 1998 to combat in-flight violence and disruptive passengers; the project was ended in 2004. The Skyrage Records contain an electronic copy of the web site; video of news coverage and a Skyrage presentation; and paper records including correspondence and subject/research files. (0.42 linear feet)

MS-008 Robert W. Sweginnis Papers (MS-008)
Sweginnis was a faculty member in the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle, Prescott Campus. The Sweginnis Papers contain course materials on aviation safety; photographs (chiefly slides) and videos used as teaching tools; flight manuals; and publications about aviation and aviation safety. (9.66 linear feet)
Sweginnis Papers finding aid (PDF)

International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) Collection (MS-009)
ISASI (International Society of Air Safety Investigators) promotes air safety by the exchange of ideas, experiences, and information about aircraft accident investigations, and to otherwise aid in the advancement of flight safety. The ISASI collection consists mainly of aviation accident reports and air safety publications. (52.76 linear feet)
Inventory of ISASI Collection (PDF)

Juergen Tank Papers (MS-010)
Juergen Tank was the Director of Aviation Safety and Security at Embry-Riddle, Prescott's Flight Line. The Tank Papers contain course materials, training guides, and manuals. (2.69 linear feet)

Christine Negroni Papers (MS-011)
Christine Negroni is an aviation writer, investigator, and journalist. She has worked as a television correspondent with CBS News, CNN, and various local television stations. Ms. Negroni served on the FAA's Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, representing the National Air Disaster Alliance. She lectures on aviation and air safety to schools and organizations and is interviewed frequently on American and British television. Ms. Negroni lectured and was honored at a book signing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus, in February of 2007. The Negroni Papers consist of interviews, notes, government documents, and other materials she used for research for her book Deadly Departure: Why the Experts Failed to Prevent the TWA 800 Disaster and How It Could Happen Again. (12.8 linear feet)

Richard G. Snyder Papers (MS-012)
Snyder is an internationally known research scientist with expertise in human impact tolerances and trauma mechanisms, biomechanics, forensic anthropology and anthropometry, crash protection, and transportation safety. The Snyder Papers consist of materials created and collected by Snyder in the course of his work as a research scientist over 50 years, including: technical and scientific publications and reports; Snyder's publications and research files; correspondence; reference files; films; and books and other printed materials. (N.B., the Snyder Papers are unprocessed, and portions of the collection may not be available for use. Please contact the Archives in advance if you plan to visit to use the Snyder Papers.) (528.25 linear feet)
Preliminary finding aid

American Airlines. Safety Office Collection (MS-013)
This collection is an example of information that an organization may choose to collect and circulate in order to keep staff current on safety issues. The bulk of the collection consists of an extensive set of CAB and NTSB accident reports, including general aviation as well as air carrier accidents. The collection also includes statistical summaries of accidents, CAA hearing notices, newsletters and safety bulletins from the NTSB and other organizations, and communications (internal and from outside agencies) related to accident reports. (11.67 linear feet)
Preliminary finding aid (PDF)

Jerry Vanier Collection (MS-014)
The collection contains aircraft manuals and training materials. (2.36 linear feet)

Flight Safety Foundation Jerry Lederer Aviation Safety Library (MS-016)
Includes the Jerome Lederer Papers, Flight Safety Foundation records and publications, and a library of books, journals, manuals, and reports on aviation safety and security topics. Processing is ongoing; please contact the archives for more information about the collection.
Preliminary finding aid for the Jerome Lederer papers

Jack Hartmann Oral History (OH-001)
Jack Hartmann was a sky marshal in the 1970s. The collection contains an oral history with Hartmann about airline security and his experiences as a sky marshal, as well as supplementary material from Hartmann. (0.21 linear feet)

Al Haynes Lecture on UAL Flight 232 (L-002)
Al Haynes was the captain of United Flight 232 that crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, after a catastrophic failure of the No. 2 engine led to the loss of the hydraulic systems that powered the airplane's flight controls. This is a VHS video recording of a lecture that he gave at Embry-Riddle, Prescott Campus.

Aviation Research Collection (ARC)
This collection contains various materials collected by the archives. Included are aviation accident reports (primarily NTSB but also other accident reports); other NTSB reports and studies including special investigation reports and safety studies; FAA Aerospace Medicine reports; and assorted publications and video recordings on aviation safety and security topics.

Flying Tigers Prints (EA-001)
These limited edition prints were created as a tribute to the American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers" when they received the Milton Caniff Flight Award from the National Aviation Hall of Fame. Each print is signed by a surviving AVG pilot.