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Faculty Resources & Services: Have Citation, Need Article?

Hazy Library Resources and Services for Faculty

Use a citation to find an article.

I have my citations, so where are the articles?

There are two ways to find articles when all you have is the details in a cited reference,

1. Search the library catalog for the title of the journal

2. Search from the Journals tab in the center box of the library home page.  Click here to see if you have access to that journal electronically 

* It is important that you search the name of the journal and not the title of the article.

Where can I find print journals, magazines, and newspapers?

Current issues of many magazines and journals are arranged by subject on the tall shelves in front of book stacks on the first floor. Back issues of journals and magazines can be found underneath the current issue by lifting the shelf forward and up.  Some older issues of specific journals and magazines have been bound and shelved within book stacks (alongside books on the same subjects) by call number. â€‹Newspapers (The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalInvestors Business Weekly, AZ Republic and Prescott Courier) are on a wooden newspaper rack in the center of the first floor of the library. 

I didn't find the name of the journal I need in the catalog, so how can I get the article?

If the Hazy Library does not have electronic or print access to the journal you need, you can ask the library to request a copy of an article from another library, free of charge. To make requests from another library simply fill out the applicable Interlibrary loan request form or contact Leanne Harworth for more information.