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Commercial Aviation Safety: Books

This capstone course is designed to assist the student in developing an attitude and philosophy for accident prevention and an awareness of major flight security issues.

Selected Books

Aviation and Human Factors

Aviation and Human Factors: How to Incorporate Human Factors into the Field

Call Number: eBook / Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780429283246
Publication Date: 12-June-2019

Bird Strike in Aviation

Bird Strike in Aviation

Call Number: eBook - ProQuest Ebook Central
ISBN: 9781119529828
Publication Date: 2019

Aviation Communication

Aviation Communication: Strategy and Messages for Ensuring Success and Preventing Failures

Call Number: eBook / Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780429460425
Publication Date:27-03-2019

Plane crash: the forensics of aviation disasters

Plane crash: the forensics of aviation disasters

TL553.5.B52 2018
ISBN: 9781421424484
Publication Date: 2018

Commercial Aviation Safety

Call Number: TL553.5.W46 2017
ISBNs: 9781259641824
Publication Date: 2017

The Crash Detectives

The crash detectives : investigating the world's most mysterious air disasters

Call Number: TL553.5 .N339 2016
ISBN: 9780143127321
Publication Date: 2016

The Dragon in the Cockpit

The dragon in the cockpit : how Western aviation concepts conflict with Chinese value systems

Call Number: TL553.6.J56 2015
ISBN: 9781472410306, 9781472410313, 9781472410320
Publication Date: 2015

Flights of No Return: Aviation History's Most Infamous One-Way Tickets to Immortality

Call Number: eBook
ISBN: 9780760347928
Publication Date: 2015-07-10

Safer Skies

Safer skies : an accident investigator on why planes crash and the state of aviation safety

Call Number: TL553.52.S68 2015
ISBN: 9781632205896
Publication Date: 2015

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