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Google Search and Other Google Tools: Google Advanced Search

Google is a powerful tool that gives Internet users access to information on a global scale. This guide provides recommendations for better and more accurate searchings.

Google Advanced Search Link

Google Advanced Search

Why use it?

Reasons people use Google Advanced Search:

  • It's easy to modify a search to find targeted results without having to know the specific terms. For example, users don't have to know whether to use filetype or format in the search box to search for specific types of files. The file type field is there with a dropdown menu.
  • There's an explanation of what the different fields mean. For example, for the site or domain field, there's an explanation of what a domain is.
  • The different fields make it easy to make a more precise search.

Keep in mind...

  • You may be able to search Google's indexes more effectively, but you still won't find everything
  • You'll search will still be subject to Google Search's algorithm, and you'll still have to use your critical reasoning skills to evaluate the results you get.