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Google Search and Other Google Tools: Google Search

Google is a powerful tool that gives Internet users access to information on a global scale. This guide provides recommendations for better and more accurate searchings.

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Google Web Search

Google Search

Why use it?

Top reasons to use Google Search:

  • It provides access to the most popular/useful websites related to search terms.
  • The results are generally very useful.
  • It's easy to use. Just enter search terms (or keywords), and click on the Enter key on your computer's keyboard. That's it.

Keep in mind....

  • Google Search does not provide access to everything. Many quality articles - those accessible in ERAU's databases, for example - are behind paywalls not accessible to Google's spiders, and many things are not yet online.
  • Google technically does not contain the content everything that's on the Web. It only indexes as much as it can, and provides access to what's available.
  • Google Search is an algorithm. This means that the results it brings come back do so because the algorithm orders those results in a particular way. When using this tool, be sure to critically evaluate all results to make sure each piece of information, document, or website you use is appropriate for the search you are doing (and of good quality).