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AS 311 Aircraft Engines - Turbines: Articles/Databases

Aircraft Engines - Turbines / Powerplant

Databases or Websites?

 What is the difference?


  • Many are fee-based; the library pays to license them.
  • Are available to registered members of the library.
  • Focus on a specific body of information (i.e. Aeronautics, Engineering)
  • May contain articles, books, gov documents, maps, technical reports.
  • Contain information written by professional writers and subject experts.


  • Are searched with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or
  • Are generally freely accessible.
  • Are available to anyone with an internet access.
  • May NOT be current, updated, or show no date at all.
  • Can cover any topic at all.
  • Contain information written by anyone (convicts, teachers, children, students, or psychopaths).
REMEMBER: Most instructors want information from databases first. If needed, use the Web to supplement your research (after making sure the Web sources are good).

Key Databases


Other Useful Databases