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AS 311 Aircraft Engines - Turbines: Cite It

Aircraft Engines - Turbines / Powerplant

Creating a Bibliography

You can create a bibliography from your library, just click the checkbox next to items you want to include.  Click the create bibliography icon near the top of the screen, then select the menu option, Create bibliography.  

Using the dropdown menu, select which citation style you need (if you aren't sure which one to use, check with your professor).  RefWorks will automatically format your references, all you have to do is hit the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the references into your word document.  

Google Docs Add-on

Write and Cite

To get the most out of RefWorks, download the plugin for either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, this will allow you to add in-text citations with a click of a button. 

To download these, click on the Tools icon near the top of the screen, and then click on Tools.  From there click on Download and Install button for Microsoft Word, or the Get the Add-on button for Google Docs.

Once you've follow the steps to download whichever tool you prefer, it's so simple to add citations from there.  Below is an example from using Write and Cite for Microsoft Word, but be sure to check out the video about the Google Docs Add-on as well! 

Click on the dropdown menu for Insert Citation and look the the author's name on the list.  If it's a source that hasn't been used recently, it won't appear on the list.  In this case click on Insert New to access your RefWorks library.  Make sure you have the correct citation style for your paper selected and click on the author's name to insert. That's it, all the formatting is done for you!