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AS 311 Aircraft Engines - Turbines: Save It

Aircraft Engines - Turbines / Powerplant

Exporting from Library Databases

Most of our library resources have built in options to export your article to RefWorks.  Look for an export or save to option, like the example below from EAGLEsearch.  In EAGLEsearch, you click on the three dots icon, then click on RefWorks to export it to your library.  

You will be asked which version of RefWorks you would like to export to, select Export to the new RefWorks and the document will be added to your library.

Manually Importing Resources

To add an item to RefWorks, click the Add a Reference Icon, the plus sign icon near the top of the screen.  From there you can choose: upload document, import references from another source, or create new reference entering the citation manually.  

When you upload or import a document, RefWorks uses text recognition to fill in the reference fields about the document that you'll need for your citations.  In some cases you may have to fill some of the information in yourself.  


Exporting from the Web

RefWorks has a tool that installs on any web browser called the Save to RefWorks button.  It will take information from a webpage and import it automatically into your RefWorks library.  

To install the Save to RefWorks button to your broswer, click on the Tools icon near the top of the screen, then select tools.

Under the Save references on the web heading, click on Install Save to RefWorks and follow the installation prompts.  Once installed your web browser will have a Save to RefWorks button at the top.  

Save to RefWorks Browser Button

Once installed you will see the Save to RefWorks button on your browser, just click that button anytime you want to save an article, a webpage, an image, or basically anything you find online! A window will pop up on the right hand side of the screen that imports what information it can get from the source (you can add in information it misses) and then click on Save to RefWorks and it will be imported to your library!